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Buying and selling gold bullion around the clock: 24 hours, 365 days open - with Bitcoin.
Vaultoro Key Information
Type Trading platform (Bitcoin/Gold)
Founded 2015
Company headquarter Berlin, Germany
CEO Joshua Scigala
Vaulting facility Pro aurum
Vaulting location Zürich, Switzerland
Gold fully audited Yes
Physical gold insured Yes
2FA Yes
App No (mobile friendly)
Has been hacked? No
Support Email, FAQ, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit
Vaultoro Advantages and Disadvantages
Pro Contra
Instant buy & sell BTC/GOLD Only usable with Bitcoin or Alts through Shapeshift
Professional, Insured Vault in Switzerland Moderate trading liquidity
Physical gold secured under your name
Regular Gold & BTC audits by BDO
Monthly statements for e.g. tax
Gold & BTC holdings updated in real-time
Vaultoro Registration
Country restriction None
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What is Vaultoro?

Vaultoro is the first real-time trading platform for trading physical Gold and Bitcoin instantly. The company has been founded in 2015 in Berlin, Germany. The company is backed by private investors, the Finlab AG and by Techstars, one of the most recognized startup accelerators in the venture capital space.

What makes Vaultoro so special is that the Gold traded is backed to 100% is Switzerland by one of the largest vaulting facilities, namely Pro aurum. In order to guarantee the reserve, one of the biggest auditing company, BDO international, audits the Gold reserves and books regularly. Thus, Vaultoro uses a 100% transparent public audit while keeping clients identities private.

Vaultoro is pioneering and members have traded over 50,000 BTC and Gold so far. YOu trade with other members directly without any middleman taking expensive brokerage costs.

Whether you want to hedge your Bitcoins or trade the currency pair BTC/GOLD - then this is the place for you!

Vaultoro Features

• Real-time trading between physical gold and bitcoin

• Trade a minimum of 5 cents worth of bitcoin or gold

• Gold is audited and insured

• Bitcoin holdings are publicly audited and help in multi-sig cold storage

• Gold is held in the customer's name so if something was to happen to Vaultoro clients have full ownership and writes to their gold

• No need to verify your identity unless you want to deposit more than $5000 worth of bitcoin per day

• All gold is Vaulted in professional bullion vaulting facility within Switzerland's duty-free zone

Vaultoro Deposit & Withdrawal
Deposit Withdrawal
Altcoins (via Shapeshift)
Physical Gold

The minimum physical Gold withdrawal from Vaultoro is 100 gram.

Vaultoro Fees

Vaultoro trading fees range between 0.5% - 0.2% depending on traders 30 day volume.

Compared to the traditional Gold buying process the fees are much lower as you trade with other members directly. You set the price and save expensive brokerage costs.

In case you hold Gold, Vaultoro will charge you a tiny fee of 0.034% monthly.

Vaultoro does not charge sales tax on any Gold purchased on Vaultoro nor does it charge sales tax on any physical withdrawal.

Vaultoro Physical Gold

In case you want to withdraw Gold physically, Vaultoro will send your an already formed bar. The fees you pay account for costs like smelting and forming of the bars. Depending on your country of residence physical delivery might be not possible. This is due to your countries customs law, embargos`s or other laws restricting the delivery of Gold bars to your country.

Your bars will be chosen from 3 different refineries (Perth Mint, Umicore or Rand refinery), which we will choose depending on availability. If you would like a specific mark then you may need to wait longer.

Your Gold is only shipped to your verified address and must be signed for on arrival.

This is how physical Gold from Vaultoro looks like
Zone 1 Germany, Switzerland, UK
Zone 2 Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland
Zone 3 USA and Canada (Only with a local US or Canadian gold dealer, no direct delivery)
Zone 4 Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Australia, New Zealand
Vaultoro Security
Category Security Measure Detail
Multisignature Storage Most of the funds is kept in cold stages. Those storages are on multisignature wallets which are spread around the world.
Encryption Each user account and the appropriate data is encrypted. All communication with the data center are secured by encryption protocols as well.
Locked Payout Address All withdrawal addresses are locked by 2-factor authentication.
Live Public Audit You can check at anytime the metal holdings & Bitcoin holdings on the public audit page.
Storage Switzerland Switzerland is one of the safest countries in the world to store assets and wealth. The strong property rights make it the best choice to store physical Gold.
100% Allocated Gold Real 99.9% pure gold bars directly come from the smelting companies are secured under your name, as your property, held off Vaultoro's balance sheet.
100% Insured Every gram of gold in the vaulting facility is professionally insured against physical loss for full replacement value.
Better safe than sorry, a screenshot of Vaultoro's Gold Audit
Vaultoro Support

First, check the FAQ on Vaultoro on their website.

You can contact the Vaultoro support through email at

Additionally you can give them a call +44 203 697 0220.

You can also contact them through the Vaultoro Twitter, Vaultoro Reddit or the Vaultoro Facebook page.

Feel free to visit their Blog too., the Bitcoin Gold Exchange
Your benefits

Currently we are not allowed to give any benefits.

However, we would highly appreciate it if you might use our sign up link/button to support us.

Thank you very much and stay tuned.

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Vaultoro Rating

  • Vaultoro Rating: 4.5/5

Vaultoro is the world’s first trading platform where you can buy Gold with Bitcoins in a real-time order book. This purely makes sense in case you want to hedge you Bitcoin holding during certain events such as crashes or simply if you like to trade.

What makes Vaultoro so special is that you own the Gold under your name once bought. Vaultoro just holds it for you.

The Gold is backed to 100% with real Gold in a vault in Switzerland. The Gold is secured and regularly audited by one of the biggest auditing & accounting companies.

The pioneering founders are well-known Bitcoin entrepreneurs and highly reputable.

Vaultoro is strongly growing, more features are in the pipeline to further improve this unique and already well-designed platform.

In case you are a Gold fan and/or you want to trade - then Vaultoro is your place to be.

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Rating: 4.5/5
Buy Gold with Bitcoin in seconds.
  • First BTC/GOLD platform
  • Instant buy & sell
  • Gold 100% backed & insured
  • Gold stored under your name

Rare hedging possibility:
Diversify your funds to reduce investment risk.