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Ultra-fast Bitcoin game you can play to multiply your coins or invest in for long-term profit.
YOLOdice Key Information
Type Bitcoin Casino (Dice Game)
Founded 2016
Company headquarter United Kingdom
CEO Ethan
Supported Coins Bitcoin, Litecoin
House Edge 1%
Games Dice
Provably fair Yes
Faucet Yes
Jackpot Yes
Rakeback Yes, up to 30%
2FA Yes
App No (mobile friendly)
Has been hacked? No
Support Email, FAQ, Twitter, BitcoinTalk Forum
YOLOdice Advantages and Disadvantages
Pro Contra
High trust No clear jurisdiction
Up to 30% rakeback
Only 1% house edge
Provably fair
No fees on deposit & withdrawal
Very transparent statistics
Great software & usability
YOLOdice Registration
Country restriction none
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What is YOLOdice?

YOLOdice has been developed by 2 programmers from the UK in 2016. Those two programmers run a pretty popular web publishing platform and primarily want YOLOdice to be a fun place to chat, play and spend time. YOLOdice is a game of chance built around Bitcoin. Players play against a (pseudo) random number generator by placing bets. Think lottery. A result of a bet is either a loss or a win.

YOLOdice has one of the best dice softwares in the market where players place bets and get responses within milliseconds. The house edge is 1% only. The game is provably fair, thus that game outcomes can be independently verified. YOLOdice offers a huge amount of rakeback on every bet, has great changing promos as well as jackpots and built up a great and active community (see their chat). YOLOdice is one of the best Bitcoin dice sites in many regards, convince yourself!

YOLOdice Games

• Dice game only

YOLOdice Faucet

Get free Bitcoin from the YOLOdice faucet.

You can claim only when your Bitcoin balance is 0. You can request faucet drops 50 times a day and then you get 0.00001 BTC each time.

Your faucet keeps growing as you level-up in the YOLOdice level system. E.g. at level 12 your faucet will grow to 0.000012 BTC each time you request it.

YOLOdice Deposit & Withdrawal

You can deposit and withdraw Bitcoin only.

Except for the network fee there will be no additional charge of fees for any transaction you to or from YOLOdice.

YOLOdice is working on 0-confirmation deposits so you do not have to wait for the Bitcoin network to confirm your transaction x-times. Currently 0 confirmations are used for deposits and withdrawals lower than 0.2 BTC.

Deposit Amount Required Confirmations
≤ 0.2 BTC 0 confirmations
≤ 50 BTC 1 confirmation
≤ 100 BTC 2 confirmations
> 200 BTC 3 confirmations

The number of confirmations depends on your deposit’s and withdrawal’s amount.

YOLOdice Provably Fair

All the roll results are generated using a deterministic, pseudo-random algorithm:

• the algorithm produces high-entropy results — which means the results are unpredictable without knowing the state of the generator

• all the subsequent results are determined by the initial state of the generator ("seed")

The provably fair paradigm comes directly from the above:

For the player the results are indistinguishable from random numbers.

At any time the player can "check" if the game hasn't cheated. The game reveals the random number generator seed so that the player can verify if all the results are OK.

Number generator is seeded not only by a random value generated on the server, but also by an input from the player. This way the game cannot use pre-generated seeds that would result in skewed results.

HMAC with SHA512 hash function is being used to generate roll results. It is proven to produce random-like results and is a perfect fit for the "Provably fair" paradigm.

YOLOdice Rakeback

YOLOdice offers a level system. Obviously, the more you play, the more you get. You will get a percentage of your wagered amount backed to your balance based on your level. You can level up if you play, invest, refer new players or if you get followers.

For instance at level 11 you will get for every 1 BTC worth of your bets 0.0005 BTC back to you balance - equivalent to 5% rakeback.

The maximum amount of rakeback you can get is 30%.

YOLOdice Betting Limits

The betting limit depends on the maximum amount you can win. The maximum amount you can win depends on the bankroll YOLOdice offers and investors offer. Currently the maximum payout you can reach for one bet is approx. 20 BTC.

YOLOdice Jackpot

Everyone is enrolled, you don't have to do anything. Just play and claim your prize if you win.

At YOLOdice they have 2 jackpots and 2 separate rules for hitting each of the jackpots.

Yolodice Jackpot Bonus

Jackpot 1

Easier to hit, but lower payouts. Your bet result (rolled number) must end with "77,777" and must be a winning bet. The share of jackpot you get is proportional to your bet amount:

percentage_of_jackpot_won = 100 * bet_amount / 0.01 but cannot exceed 80%.

Jackpot 2

Hard to hit, high payouts. The payout is fixed at 80% of the jackpot, however it's harder to hit with small bets and easier with large bets (only winning bets can hit jackpot):

Bet amount (BTC) Hit condition
0.00000010 … 0.00000099 result ends with '55,555' and bet id ends with '55,555'
0.00000100 … 0.00000999 result ends with '55,555' and bet id ends with '5,555'
0.00001000 … 0.00009999 result ends with '55,555' and bet id ends with '555'
0.0001 … 0.00099999 result ends with '55,555' and bet id ends with '55'
0.001 … 0.00999999 result ends with '55,555' and bet id ends with '5'
0.01 … 0.09999999 result ends with '55,555'
0.1 … 0.99999999 result ends with '5,555'
1 and larger result ends with '555'

A bet will not hit any jackpot if its amount is 9 satoshis or below, or the jackpot win would be 0 BTC, or when the jackpot pool is empty.

YOLOdice Security

YOLOdice offers a secure logging in via message signing, 2-factor authentication and withdrawal address restrictions.

The servers are kept secure by the multi-layered application stack design with strict permission and strict access controls.

Their cold wallet funds are controlled using air-gapped, off-line, encrypted cold wallet devices. Cold wallet priv keys never leave the devices. Transactions to be signed are transmitted over air (audio setup).

Cold wallet is a 2-level design:

• first level consists of a single P2PKH address. Each device has a copy of the private key.

• second level consists of a P2SH address with 4 keys. Transactions need to be signed by 2 keys. Each of the devices contains a single key, thus any transfer from deep cold wallet requires signatures from 2 devices and must be verified by 2 persons independently.

Cold wallet addresses are:

16Etk8DeJvD4e9KP1Ke8DvZYjUPWAN6FK8 (P2PKH)

3BtzzBGmCAJh8JHKb5tMVkwFyN6pubQiDT (P2SH)

YOLOdice users are asked to provide a master bitcoin address before they make their first deposit. Master address is used to:

• authenticate users — the default login method is based on signing messages. Signing messages is nothing new and most Bitcoin-savvy users are familiar with the procedure. Most Bitcoin wallets support message signing,

• the default withdrawal address — we assume users are in control of the address, therefore this ensures the funds are not sent to a wrong address,

• emergency withdrawal address — in case something goes wrong with YOLOdice we might need to return all funds to the users. Master addresses would be used then.

YOLOdice Statistics

YOLOdice is highly transparent. You can check any user, any bet and all the investors. It is just fun to see their sophisticated statistics center. It makes the site highly reliable.

Yolodice Investment
YOLOdice Support

Most questions can be answered through the YOLOdice FAQ.

You can reach the YOLOdice email support via yolodice@zoho.com.

Alternatively feel free to check the YOLOdice Twitter or BitcoinTalk Thread.

Your benefits
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Currently we are not allowed to give any benefits.

However, we would highly appreciate it if you might use our sign up link/button to support us.

Thank you very much and stay tuned.

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YOLOdice Rating

  • YOLOdice Rating: 4.6/5

YOLOdice is one of the best crypto dice sites out there. Especially their software is lovely and very user-friendly.

Additionally YOLOdice reveals many statistics to the game play of users, the bets and the invested funds by investors. Their security setup belongs to one of the most advanced in the gambling industry as the the programmers have a strong tech background.

YOLOdice offers up to 30% rakeback, many seasonal promos, a level system, a very active community & chat as well as a very fast bet processing software.

Playing at YOLOdice is what the founders intended - a place where you have lots of fun.

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Rating: 4.6/5
Fastest growing Bitcoin dice game.
  • High trust
  • Provably fair
  • Quick cashouts
  • Fast software

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